We are beginning off the Halloween season here in the Twin Cities with one of the scariest attractions out there, SCREAM TOWN! Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to scream because your feet and your vocal cords are going to get a work out. You also might have to sign a waiver, so be aware.

Scream Town is back with 8 terrifying attractions, 2 of them all new this this year.

Enter ludicrous labyrinth and be sure to drop some crumbs as you’ll be entering into an ACTUAL Maze with DEAD ends around every corner. Challenge yourself to see through the fog, flashing lights, and horrifying surprises. You’ll love it!

Scream Towns very own nuclear power plant Sector 666 is one of the most unstable and frightening buildings you will ever tour. Keep your skin away from the ooze and try not to breath in the fumes. Brave this insane 3,500 SQUARE FOOT maze packed with all incredible props, scares, moving floors, and intense actors.

Day 273 of 365 Scream Town #365TC

Bubba and his cousins have converted the old Motel into the Red Neck Resort, inviting all yellow bellied red necks from the nastiest parts of town to scare you into never leaving. Don’t lose any teeth at the Red Neck Dentist, and make sure you have all your hair after you try to leave the Resort salon. Don’t plan on any Relaxin’ at this resort.

The landing has occurred and little can be done. Navigate through this totally redesigned adventure of fear with life forms not of this world.

New in 2015: New Effects, Scares, and Incredible Scenes
Get ready to take a journey deep into our wild ONE OF A KIND thick haunted forest. You have never seen anything like this and won’t anywhere else. You will feel the seclusion within 10 steps of entering. We have witnessed guests over the age of 30 in tears having to turn around almost instantly to GET OUT. The Blood family (former occupants of this property) still roam these woods at night and don’t like visitors. There are NO tour guides, NO protective wagons, NO flashlights allowed… And absolutely NO mercy. You, the Blood family and our actors await your brave step into this one of a kind attraction.

Day 273 of 365 Scream Town #365TC

After 5 long years the circus folk residents of Scream Town simply became too crazy, their actions too wild, their appearance too terrifying, and most importantly, too many lives claimed. With no choice, Scream Town was forced to construct one of the largest Asylums this state has ever seen to house these carnival freaks, over 7,000 square feet. Safe as it may seem, it is far from it. DO… NOT…MISS… THIS ENCOUNTER. Just hope the cells are locked, stay away from the bars, and you just might make it through. This is one of the largest wooden mazes in Minnesota.

Back again after it’s huge success in 2014 comes Abandoned. Enter into the secluded back woods of Scream Town and prepare to see nothing, hear nothing, and feel totally isolated. You’ll be released with nothing but a small lantern with limited light. There will not be other guests bumping into you because you’ll be on this journey alone. For the first time ever, and for this attraction only, we have given the beasts that lurk in these woods permission to reach out and TOUCH you. All participants must sign a waiver, and those under the age of 18 must have someone over the age of 18 sign for them – no exception, no refund. Prepare to experience pure terror and to be abandoned…

Taking fear to an all new level you may not be ready for – welcome the phobia house. 5 rooms of human kinds most horrific phobias. You, and only one other person (if you so choose), must endure seclusion in each of the five rooms containing phobias that would cause you to squeal simply by mentioning them. Except this time, you’re surrounded by them. It’s real, it’s intense, and YOU WILL SCREAM. What are these phobias? You’ll have to find out.

Scream Town
7410 Highway 212
Chaska, MN

Open Fridays, Saturday and Sundays starting October 2, special Thursday opening October 15, and LIGHTS OUT FINALE November 1. For Tickets CLICK HERE.

Day 273 of 365 Scream Town #365TC