Book Lovers Ball

On Friday, October 23rd, get out and celebrate your favorite books and authors at Milkweed Editions’ 16th annual Book Lovers Ball! You’ll be able to meet some of your favorite authors, bid on unique literary-themes …

2015-10-21T11:59:18-05:00October 16, 2015|

Zombie Pub Crawl

This weekend, downtown Minneapolis will be taken over by a massive horde of slow-moving, brain-eating, beer-drinking undead as thousands upon thousands of Minnesotans dress up as zombies and partake in the killer party that is …

2015-10-17T16:12:49-05:00October 14, 2015|

LoLa Art Crawl

Art Crawls abound in the Twin Cities, however the LoLA Art Crawl is unique in the area.

Smaller and more intimate than many art festivals (but still with over 100 artists participating), the LoLa …

2015-09-18T09:07:45-05:00September 18, 2015|

NE Bikes and Beers

Bikers and beer lovers unite! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head on over to Northeast Minneapolis on Sunday, September 13th for the NE Bikes and Beers event.

The 10 mile ride …

2015-09-13T14:21:53-05:00September 12, 2015|

The Bacon and Beer Classic

Bacon is great, we all know that. Beer is great, too, that’s a proven fact. Nothing could possibly trump either of them, right? Wrong! The Bacon and Beer Classic is heading to the Twin Cities …

2015-09-13T14:11:50-05:00September 10, 2015|