With the end of the year fast approaching, there is always ideas for resolutions.  One of the ones you always hear about is, I am going to get into shape and we know a great way to help kick that resolution off right!  By running a 5K on New Year’s Day!  Here are 2 of our favorite options:

The Polar Dash – http://www.polardash.org/

We have personally ran the polar dash twice and once was very cold and the other time….not so bad!

The Commitment Day 5K  – http://www.commitmentday.com/minnesota/

We have not ran in this race yet but this one is in multiple cities around the Twin Cities area!

So if you are looking for that first jump start on your resolution, these are great options to consider!  If you are running either of these 2 races, please comment below and let us know!  We will be cheering you on!