Day 360 of 365 in 2019

Hello there Twin Cities! 365 Twin Cities is back and ready to be more consistent from this day forward. Giving you a unique thing to do in the Twin Cities daily! Today’s event is a new theater production from The Moving Company at The Lab Theater!

“what if is the proposition to look at ourselves, our world in different ways. Letting our imaginations take flight and carry us to where we did not think possible. Or didn’t know was there. Or would prefer not to look at. What if we could see through another’s eyes? What would that look like? What if the mirror was held up to nature, but instead of seeing what’s reflected we saw what was inside? What would it say? What if we could? What if we did? So … what if? From the company that brought you The Prodigious Life of Clara S., Speechless and Refugia. Featuring Sarah Agnew, Steven Epp and Nathan Keepers. Directed by Dominique Serrand.”

If you like theater, this is a great opportunity between Christmas and the New Year! Keep coming back for more amazing opportunities

Discount Tickets available here: Starting at just $16 dollars!