Shift Forward 1
Shift Forward is an artist development agency that helps musicians take their careers from 0 to 100. They help artists with the business side of the music industry while they focus all of their creativity into their craft. They use innovative marketing and promotional strategies to take artists to the next level.

Need clarification? Well they aren’t a record label, they aren’t a management company, and they are not a booking agency. What Shift Forward does is provide artists with help and service in all of the areas encompassed in those three sectors. Artists can work with them as much or as little as they want in what areas they see fit for their vision of their career. At the end of the day they both succeed.

Come meet them at Driftwood Char Bar on April 18th at 9pm for Women and Wine: Six Sexy Set that will Blow Your Mind featuring Brenna Finn. Aside from that they run an artist showcase every month for local talent. This will help with exposure for the artists they work with in a wide variety of genres. It will always be something new and exciting so stay connected!

For more information visit:

Shift Forward, L.L.C
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Facebook: ShiftForwardAgency
Twitter: ShiftForward1