Every year at this time the Como Zoo and Conservatory reminds us that it is not always cold in Minnesota with their annual Winter Flower Show.

This year the show runs from January 10 through March 15. Two full months of beautiful blossoms in their heated conservatory! You can also check out the indoor zoo exhibits while you are there.

Per the Como Zoo and Conservatory’s website, the Winter Flower Show includes …

… a mixture of the purple, red, and pink. Plants highlighted will be various Cyclamen, Pansies, Viola, Cineraria, Amaryllis, Primula , Azaleas, Camellias, Digitalis, Primula and Velthemia with their pink flower spikes. Fragrance to the show will be supplies by various Oriental lilies and Papewhite Narcissus. The addition of spring ephemerals will happen to this show in 2015. Some examples may be various bulbs, short grasses and Bleeding Heart.

You can also watch this video to get an idea of the lovely plants and flowers they have.

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Day 10 of 365, Como Zoo and Conservatory - Winter Flower Show #365TC