Welcome to the blog post direct from the State of Hockey! If you grew up in Minnesota, you know what pond hockey is and why it is important to so many Minnesotans! As it says on their website at http://www.uspondhockey.com/

Pond hockey enthusiasts grew up playing hockey on frozen ponds in their back yards, on a neighborhood creek or in a local park. They cleared the ice with shovels, not Zambonis. Instead of $149 pads, they protected their shins with old magazines held with duct tape. Wooden boards with small holes served as goals, eliminating the need for a goalie. No frustrated parents on the sidelines berated the coaches or the kids.

So to experience “hockey the way nature intended –– outside in the elements during the absolute coldest time of year” we all will head out to Lake Nokomis!

Every January, many different pond hockey teams compete for the coveted “Golden Shovel”. This year the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship takes place January 15-18 and has many different divisions covering different age groups and skill levels! If you would like to check it out, they have a free app for iPhone and Android phones that will help you find the latest schedules, scores, standings, news, photos and more so be sure to download it today to keep in touch with the games!

All of this and more is available on their webpage at http://www.uspondhockey.com/

So will you be stopping by Lake Nokomis to check out the championship this year? If so, who do you want to see take home the Golden Shovel?

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships - January 15, 2015 #365TC