Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes

If you love art, 3d chalk drawings and family fun, then this event is one to make sure is on your calendar Twin Cities!!

On June 11 and 12, Maple Grove will become the Canvas for …

2016-06-07T12:34:18-05:00June 6, 2016|

Spargelfest at Black Forest Inn

The Germans go crazy for asparagus (spargel) this time of year. There, as here, asparagus is a sure sign of spring, or, as the Germans say, asparagus is the “Joy of Spring.” In late May, …

2016-05-18T17:04:15-05:00May 18, 2016|

Zombie Pub Crawl

This weekend, downtown Minneapolis will be taken over by a massive horde of slow-moving, brain-eating, beer-drinking undead as thousands upon thousands of Minnesotans dress up as zombies and partake in the killer party that is …

2015-10-17T16:12:49-05:00October 14, 2015|

The Peanuts Movie Fall Festival

Everybody loves Peanuts, and because what’s not to love?

Come out Tuesday October 20th from 4-8pm at the Landmark Plaza in St. Paul to celebrate the Peanuts Movie Fall Festival. St. Paul Mayor Chris …

2015-10-16T13:23:21-05:00October 12, 2015|