Day 13 of 366 in 2020

The awesome people at Brave new Workshop are at it again and this time they are putting on the show “Getting Plowed: A Minnesota Christmas Survival Guide”! Yes, we know Christmas is over, but this show is still going strong through Saturday, January 25. If you want to laugh until your sides hurt and you cannot breathe any longer, then this is the show for you to check out. We even have amazing discount tickets for you at

So what are you waiting for, do not miss this amazing show! The show organizer puts it this way.

Brave New Workshop’s Holiday Show takes a naughtier-than-nice look at the holiday season and offers a satirical edge to anyone who might need a little something extra to get through all the family foibles and festivities. This seasonal romp is a mix of brand new sketches and throwback hilarity, including the fan-favorite musical tradition, “The BNW 12 Days of Christmas.”

So sneak over to the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre or visit their website at for more information on this show. And to buy discounted tickets, simply click this link: