These date ideas are going to cover a broad range and not necessarily be just for a date on Valentine’s Day. You should be romancing your Valentine everyday of the year and with so many great options in the Twin Cities, there are a never ending supply of to dos that can make your Valentine feel special.

Most of these ideas will fall into a his or her date idea, but some are universal and if your Valentine fits this category, they should love the idea. I promise, if it is something that they love to do, just having you there willingly and enjoying it with them, will show them how much you care!

So let’s start with:

Sport’s Enthusiasts
You can not throw a rock in the cities without hitting a sports team! You have the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, Minnesota Vixen, Minnesota Rollergirls, as well as all of the U of M sports teams. I know there are a lot more, but you get the picture. Buy that sports enthusiast tickets to his or her favorite game and cheer at their side!

On a side note, if your Valentine is a Wild fan have Nordy deliver their Valentine to them. Check out the prices and options here.

Geek, Nerd, Gamers, Fandom, etc.
This week we have already covered STAR TREK: the Exhibition at MOA, so if your Valentine is Star Trek fan, get them there.

Other strong CONtenders include tickets to any of the CON festivals that come to the Twin Cities each year. Buy their tickets early and this is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time they mention they are going to someone, they will remember how much you get them and their love of all things Fandom. A few this year are Wizard World Comic Con, CONvergence, METAcon, and the Supernatural Official Convention.

Gamers in your life would love gift cards to their favorite game shop and then to have you play with them (especially if this not your thing).

Basically whatever their geek, nerd, gamer, fan-dom etc. favorite is, do it with them!

Foodies and Craft Beer Enthusiasts
Another thing in the Twin Cities that we have an over abundance of is restaurants and breweries.

If your Valentine is a meat person, you can’t beat the Butcher and the Boar or Red Cow (they are opening a new location today in North Loop besides their other 2 locations in South Minneapolis and St. Paul) for meat and beer.

For other cuisine lovers there are literally hundreds of restaurants to pick from. Just pick their favorite thing to eat, make it a surprise, couple it with A. a card, B. candy, C. flowers, or D. (other special gift). It is a classic combination and as long as you look like you are being thoughtful (meaning you actually do know what your Valentine’s favorite food), it will be a hit.

The beer lovers in the Twin Cities have also hit the mother load. With brewery tours, tastings and make your own, there is an endless combination to pick from. We have covered a ton of brewery to dos, so just search here: BREWERY, for a list.

We would also like to recommend trying Northern Brewer for the home brewer. If they haven’t tried it or are a master brewer, almost any supply they need can be found here. They have 2 locations in the Twin Cities, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul so there should be one close enough to visit.

Art, Theatre, Comedy, Music Lovers
Really, do I have to say how full the Twin Cities are with things to do for your Valentine is they love one of these? Find one that they really love or a show, etc they have been dying to see and do it!

Valentine That Is Stressed Out
What I am going to recommend for this Valentine might seem to be more geared to the ladies, but hear me out. If your guy is stressed out, this might help him too.

Plan a spa day. Most of the spas around the Twin Cities I am sure are running a couples spa package. If you haven’t done one of these before you are in for a treat.

If they only have small slots of times and can’t take a day off to relax, I would recommend perhaps buying different pampering gifts. Try a haircut, nails, and a massage all on different days. Your Valentine will get the pampering, but the fun of it can be spread over a few visits. If they have a preferred stylist, manicurist, spa, I would certainly recommend getting them a gift there.

Everyone Else
You know your Valentine best. What would totally make their day but be unexpected?

Like nature? The MN Landscape Arboretum is always a great place to go, winter or summer.

Like thrills? The Nickelodeon Universe at MOA isn’t just for kids. The rides are some of the best I have been on and they also have the Dutchman’s Deck Adventure Course which will put you and your Valentine through your paces with a Sky Trail ropes course that will put you 56 feet above the park and also a zip line 55 feet above the park. If that isn’t a thrill, I don’t know what is.

Like (fill in the blank)? You know what they want to do, they have been hinting forever!

Just remember, Valentine’s isn’t always about spending the most money. The experience most of the time is what your Valentine wants with you.

So Twin Cities, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Day 41 of 365 Valentines Date Ideas #365TC