Turkey Buying Guide

With the Holiday season starting next week, the panic I get every year is starting to take over. How will I get all the shopping, planning and execution done for not just one party but two in a month’s time along with shopping for holiday gifts?

Well this year FoodNetwork.com has come to the rescue with Thanksgiving dinner and party planning so there are no hiccups in my schedule. I can already feel the panic starting to subside.

Thanksgiving Countdown – How To Plan A Delicious And Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal

Already stressing about planning a Thanksgiving meal for a large group of loved ones? Haven’t even started thinking about it? Never fear, the experts of FoodNetwork.com are here to help plan everything from guest lists to grocery store shopping and meal planning to ensure that Thanksgiving Day is as stress-free as possible.

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Turkey Buying Guide
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And if you find that the meal is going to be served later in the day and you have friends or relatives in town, how about a Thanksgiving themed brunch before the big meal?

Thanksgiving Brunch

Have you woken up starving on the morning of Thanksgiving only to find that the big meal won’t be served until the afternoon or how about you want to celebrate with your friends but everyone already has their own Turkey day plans? We’ve got a solution! Have you tried a Thanksgiving brunch? Check out these great recipes on Foodnetwork.com that will prepare your palette for the big meal without spoiling your appetite. Mimosas served separately.

Butternut Squash, Apple, and Onion Galette with Stilton

Picnic Deviled Eggs
Waffled Leftover Thanksgiving Brunch