Saint Paul Public Library brings you “Hot Music for Cold Nights,” a FREE series to chase the winter blues away with music and dance from warmer climates. Next Tuesday, February 24th, check out hot music from Hawaii at the Highland Park Community Center with the Lau Hawaiian Collective.

This joyful, interactive concert features traditional and contemporary Hawaiian songs and hulas on the theme of fresh water, or wai. Join the members of Lau Hawaiian Collective on this journey through the sweet, poignant, rollicking music of the Hawaiian Islands with singing, ‘ukulele, hula ‘ili’ili (hula with water-washed pebbles), kīkā (guitar), and kīkā kila (lap steel guitar), and stories from Hawai’i’s past and present . Nā Mele Wai is an invitation to celebrate humanity’s shared reverence for water and to explore the place of water in today’s world.

Highland Park Community Center

1978 Ford Pkwy.
Saint Paul, MN 55116
(651) 695-3706

Day 51 of 365 Lau Hawaiian Collective