Day 2 of 366 in 2020

Here we are on day 2 already and I figured this first week we would focus on things to help you keep your New Years’ resolutions for 2020!

Well, for everyone who enjoyed the holiday season, it is time to start focusing on who you want to be in 2020! I for one always make a resolution to get in shape and lose some weight so this year I decided to take action and join a gym. I have been connected to one in New Hope called Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping so I decided to jump in and make my New Years’ resolution more legit.

Now, please note, there are so many amazing gym’s and facilities in the Twin Cities but I needed more class style and something where I can show up and then be done in 45 minutes! Also, I have seen results from some of the people at this location. Because of those reasons, I joined on Dec. 31!!

I will be taking part in their 10-week challenge at the New Hope Location (there are like 20 around the entire Twin Cities) so let’s see how this 2020 lifestyle change (aka New Year’s resolution) treats me.

If you want to try it for a week FOR FREE, simply go to their website at and let Deb (one of the owners) know that you heard about it on 365 Twin Cities! What do you have to lose?

So what do you think Twin Cities? Is this the year you finally take action? Comment below and let us know what your favorite gym in the Twin Cities is. We want to hear from you!