Monday night is shaping up to be a great night to find unique and interesting activities afoot. We’ve featured Bryant Lake Bowl’s Cheap Date Night (Day 18), Dr. Mambo’s Combo’s Monday night jam at Bunker’s (Day 63), and Open Mic Night at Acme Comedy Company (Day 64).

Today we feature another regular Monday night event.

Every Monday night at 9 p.m. in The Turf Club’s basement Clown Lounge, you can catch Jazz Implosion, a celebration of, and exercise in, freeform jazz, or free jazz, as it is more commonly known. The regular house band, Fat Kid Wednesday, is a free jazz trio that provides an unusual experience amid the surrealist circus decor and wood paneling of the Clown Lounge. The offbeat combo can run the gamut from the goofy to the sublime in an instant without batting an eye. Even with their particular quirkiness, they still manage to draw quite a crowd. And, as Nate Patrin of The City Pages points out, “there’s a particular rarefied feel to these nights that hits a sweet spot between sophisticated cool and accessible absurdity.”

While Fat Kid Wednesday presides over the festivities each week, there is a regular rotation of guests including almost anyone associated with free jazz in the Twin Cities.

Check out Turf Club Online for information and a calendar of upcoming shows.